Real Estate Leads | 6 ways to Generate Real Estate Buyer Leads Online

More people are looking online to buy their homes and about 42 percent of all home buyers are searching online to buy their first home. What this means for you is that you need to start finding ways to generate real estate buyer leads online for your business.

Today I’ll explain 6 ways to generate leads online for the best results to your website or landing page for capturing real estate leads.

Let’s Rock this out…

Networking on Social Media

Social media networking is an awesome tool, if you decide to go this route and network with people on a daily basis. This also means quit networking with only realtors, agents about your business and get out to meet different industries on social media.

LinkedIn is a popular social media network for real estate professionals but noticed on LinkedIn, Facebook on their main profile, their only sharing listings. Try giving away tips about your expertise and drawing people to your blog or lead capture page.


Become a marketer for your business through asking questions and know what’s going on.

As Real Estate SEO expert  I am inside of Real Estate groups and asking questions like:

  • Do you use your desktop or mobile phone to search online?
  • What’s your favorite social media channel?
  • How do you generate real estate leads?
  • Would you pay for an online marketing course or have you in the past?

Through asking these questions I know most them use their Laptops over their phone. They spend time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and some YouTube users.

Most prefer Facebook over the rest and which means I know a little more about my audience in real estate. You could do exactly the same thing and just find out where they hang out at.

Craigslist Real Estate Buyer leads

Generating traffic through Craigslist is an awesome source and plus buyers are looking to rent or buy from realtors or for sale buy owners. This is your chance to create an AD and this is your chance to sell your listings to prospects without looking like a spammer.

Here’s an example:



Have lots of pictures and don’t write a book because no one is going read the words underneath the pictures. Especially, if you don’t have bullet points and treat this like a mini-blog for advertising purposes.

You want to sell and leave no picture out! A while back my wife and I were going buy this home but the Ad didn’t have enough pictures of the home and didn’t even take a look at it.

Next you’ll want to send the buyer somewhere through direct traffic or lead capture page. There’s a certain way to capture leads from Real Estate lead buyers without looking like a douche.

Quit branded your company and start branding yourself.

Create a Branded Website

More often I see that agents or realtors don’t own a personal branded website for generating traffic?  A lot new realtors or agents use subdomain to brand themselves in search engines.

Now if you move to a new company you’re going lose every one of your real estate listings and now you’ll have to create a brand new subdomain. Instead of taking down the images and adding the new listing on your branded website.

  • First step is setting up your website
  • Added pages that makes sense
  • Every website needs an about, contact page, disclaimer, FAQ for answering any questions about your services that you offer.

Next is knowing where the leads are coming from. Most people don’t know enough about their marketing to comprehend where all their online leads are actually coming form. Inside of the next few steps we’ll talk about ways to drive traffic to your website.

Driving traffic to your website is one of the most important steps in generating leads through online marketing.

Blogging for Leads

Blogging for real estate buyer leads should be a tactical process through giving away tips or maybe statistics, case studies about the real estate market. Real Estate realtors, agents are using the hope and pray method when it comes to generating traffic with their blog.

Blogging is a great tool to attract your target market and helping them in the process.


Most of those prospects coming to visit your website will never come back to visit your website. So, you’ll need to find a way to capture leads and finding a perfect offer for capturing their information.

You’ll need a trip wire first for getting them to your email list or auto-responder.

Free report for First time Home Buyers? That’s saying your targeting first time home buyers and getting to eventually finding them a new home.

What about 2nd or 3rd time home buyers?

Before you Buy In “Location.”

Grab our Free report, Tips you must know before buy 2016

Next getting them to fill out a survey for you know them a lot better and know what their looking for as a home buyer. Of course this will be after you have generate leads from lead capture page…

Example questions are down below!

  • What’s location are you looking to move?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Do you know your credit score?
  • How much will you put down?

Before going ahead you’ll need to create capture pages for each one of the real estate buyer leads that come into your website or capture page. This should tell you a few things after the testing phase!

Which strategies to keep and which one to get rid of?

So, you’ll need capture pages for: SEO traffic, Blogging, Advertising, and YouTube traffic etc.

You’ll need to know what a lead is for you.

  • An Opt-in
  • Phone call
  • If, it’s both you’ll need to measure accordingly

Let’s start by talking a little SEO for a moment and generate real estate buyer leads to your website.

SEO Basics for Real Estate

I’ll giving you a list because we’ll be here all the day.

But… here’s some of the basics of SEO.

On page SEO

  • Images
  • Keywords
  • Videos
  • URL
  • ALT text

Off Page Tactics

  • Guest Posting
  • Broken link building
  • Web 2.0s
  • Expired domain
  • Outreaching for links

Personally I like to be in control of my link building and through web 2.0s & Expired domains takes a lot work. SEO itself is a lot work, if you know what you’re doing when it comes to SEO. We also do a lot outreach for giving Google what they want.

Creating YouTube Video tips

One of the more challenging sections of online marketing because a lot people just don’t like creating videos at all. Video marketing is like blogging besides your need to talk on camera.

Video marketing or Video seo there are tactics that you’re going need to use for generating traffic to your website. One of the biggest issues is creating a call to action or CTA to go visit your website.

Maybe you have 42 ways to lower your interest rate.

Give them 10 tips and tell them there are 32 more ways to lower your interest rate on your latest blog post. Now getting started is one of the hardest things.

That means building links to your YouTube channels getting traffic to channel through your email list or trying draw attention organically without no followers.

Your starting from scratch…

Best 2 methods for starting to push further in your business is advertising & SEO because they’ll help generate more leads to your business. After you create  leads you can start giving away tips and people will help you promote your videos.

These will be probably be your money maker in the end or maybe it could be Craigslist. Either way marketing is about testing the market to see what, they’ll cling to.

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Paul Savola is the owner of that helps real estate professional’s setup professional marketing campaigns online. Not just SEO but the entire process for getting the most from your marketing.

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