Can Marion Addicts Get Sober on Their Own

Marion, IL is situated in southern Illinois about four and a half hours from Chicago. Drug Rehab Marion has seen quite a rise in drug use over the years, especially in the prescription and heroin realm of drugs, which has even been titled an “epidemic” due to the increase.  According to a draft of a resource paper released by the CBHA (Community Behavioral Health Association) of Illinois, “Two counties in the Southern Region ranked in the top ten in the state for opioid hospitalizations. Marion County had the second highest rate after Cook, and Madison County ranked 5th.”  This shows that Marion is struggling in dealing with the amount drug use has been increasing in their area.

This drug problem in Marion has been on a rise for years and a stable solution needs to be found.  The continuing rise shows that there are many out there dealing with addiction who may not know where to turn, may feel ashamed about seeking help, or may be attempting to get sober by themselves.  Many people have resorted to quitting cold turkey or to weaning down to much less or no use say Drug Rehabilitation Marion experts.  While getting clean on their own is possible, it can be a difficult proposition and individuals attempting it should be very aware of withdrawal symptoms that can occur.  These can be dangerous and sometimes fatal if not watched closely.

Surveys done actually show that many have become clean on their own without any sort of treatment.  A survey done that was titled NESARC (National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions) was done in 2001-2002 that actually showed startling information regarding individuals quitting alcohol.  It actually showed that a percentage of individuals quit without ever receiving treatment.  In fact, it shows that about 12.4% of the individuals who had never been to treatment were abstained from alcohol.  This is quite a large percentage to be completely free of alcohol without ever having received any sort of treatment.  This was quite an extensive study and was eye opening when it came to the data about individuals and alcohol dependency.

Reaching Out for Help

The increase in drug use in Marion shows that many individuals are still struggling in this area and Drug Rehab in Marion wants to ancre down on the problem. While some of these people find success getting clean on their own, treatment may be the best route for others to become sober.  Sometimes individuals do need to reach out for treatment to get the help they need.

Individuals struggling in Marion do not have to do this on their own, and often is not safe to attempt it this way.   The sobriety being sought after does not have to be a difficult solo path, but can be heavily assisted and made much easier.  If you or a loved one are struggling with substance dependency in Marion, give us a call today and let us assist you.  We can find the private inpatient treatment facility that will aid you in getting and staying sober.

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