Why Cleaning Window Screens Should Be Part of Your Winter Strategy

There are a lot of opinions concerning the question, how to clean home windows. Some people enjoy this process so much that they are ready to clean them every week. At the same time other ones can’t find free time for such things easily, that’s why they are cleaning windows usually twice a year.

There is a widespread opinion that windows are better to be cleaned in cloudy and not hot weather. In fact it’s quite right, because under the sunrays everything is drying up too fast and streaks appear easily on your just cleaned window-screens. That’s why summer weather is not the best for getting engaged in such activities.

When you ask most people, when they think it’s better to clean the window screen and what season is the most appropriate, people usually talk about spring and autumn. But why they forget about winter season so easily? We tried to make our own investigation and found out that there are also some reasons for cleaning windows in winter. So, from what shall we start?Image result for Why Cleaning Window Screens Should Be Part of Your Winter Strategy

No insects

Of course, some people may say that it’s better not to remove window screens in winter, because it’s too cold. But the most obvious reason, why you should do that and clean windows exactly in wintertime is that there are no bugs.

That means you definitely will never have problems with them, when cleaning your window screens, flies will not stick to your wet window screen and there will be no mosquitoes in your room after such cleaning.

Dust on your windows

Wintertime is good also because of absence of dust that is coming with wind. In cold season all the dust is usually covered my snow and ice, so you most likely won’t have a question, how to remove small rubbish that sticks to your wet window screen.

At the same time in winter window screens are not getting dried too quickly and that will help you to avoid appearance of streaks on the glass.

Best time for inspection

Frequent inspection of your window frames is extremely important, especially if you have wood windows at home, as they require much more careful maintenance than window frames of other materials.

Also you must know that during the heavy snowstorm snowflakes may trap between your double-pane windows. Naperville window repair companies always remind to all the homeowners, that the quicker you notice it and be able to clean the water, the quicker you will protect your window from being damaged. As it’s much easier to repair the old window when you noticed the problem immediately after it occurred, not waiting for the time when it’s gonna be too late and window replacement will be wanted.

Also you should remember about the necessity of being very careful, when cleaning your home windows: it’s better to use only soft rugs and sponges and not to press too much on the fragile window glass, as besides breaking the glass you can also damage the insulation of your home window.

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