Your Data May Require a Storage Solution  

You may be wondering how the amount of data you own has expanded so rapidly. If you’re beginning to feel a bit anxious about this and are viewing it as a major issue, you can relax. What you need is HP storage. The good news about direct-attached storage is that it provides your business or enterprise remote site with cost-effective yet scalable data capacity expansion, and if your applications keep growing, this may be the perfect solution for protecting your company’s highly valuable information.


Data Storage Strategy

First, you need to understand the business value of your data so that you can arrive at a strategy for properly storing it. Ask a few questions, such as how fast you need to access your data, or how soon you need the data back if it is lost. Other considerations are how long you need to retain this data and how secure it needs to be.

DAS Explained 

Direct-attached storage, or DAS, is a disk subsystem that is attached to a host. There is no switched network involvement, so the host has exclusive access to the disks. These days, storage logic is often built into the application layer that was once used only by disk array manufacturers. This means that multiple hosts can be linked to a set of array controllers and there is no need for any kind of switched infrastructure.

Storage Options

HP storage arrays provide small and medium-sized businesses with configuration options that are flexible and robust, and that will fit almost any budget and set of requirements. They will manage data, store and protect it so that you can back up your single or multiple-server hosting environment. An example is a 6Gb/s Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) direct-attached storage enclosure. This has the capability of supporting up to 25 small-form factor SAS or Serial ATA drives. (SAS, a protocol that moves data to and from different kinds of computer storage devices, has replaced the SCSI, or Small Computer System interface technology from the mid-1980s.)

Storing Your Growing Data

If you have remote offices or various departmental locations, the foregoing example of HP storage provides great support. This type of enclosure not only ensures industry-leading data performance and storage density, it can also be upgraded as your needs grow. You’ll find that direct-attached storageis the perfect way to solve one of those perplexing issues brought to light by an expanding business.

Going for Simplicity

In addition to the low cost, one of the major benefits of choosing direct-attached storage is the simplicity of the operation. If you were to decide in favor of a networked storage system, you would find that much more planning is involved. To begin with, the purchase and deployment of network hardware would be required, equipment that includes routers and switches. You would also need connections and cabling. When you look at the situation from this point of view, opting for simplicity seems a good deal more logical. In making the decision to turn your HP storage needs over to industry professionals, you can get back to work on important business matters.

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