The EzTrader Trading Platform: Features and Working

We are living in a digital world that is constantly evolving. The rapid technology pace is providing greater accessibility and convenience for binary options traders across the world. As one of the oldest binary options platform, allegation of EzTrader scam are not lacking, but the truth is that this binary trading platform is genuine. It has also seen considerable changes over time in keeping up with latest market trends.

This is a user friendly trading platform, offering a distraction-free trading that is going to be liked very much by the majority of traders both professionals and beginners. This is one of the original and earliest binary option brokers, being the first to launch trading in 2008.


Desktop Trading Platform

The desktop platform provides the trader with the best trading experience as it offers access to all of the platform’s functionality which include free resources available in the Education Centre. Included is an online binary trading video course, explaining how to execute profitable trades on the platform.

In the Education Centre, there are lots of handy information sources explaining how to identify trade signals. You are also supplied with details on different trading strategies that you can gainfully utilise. Also available is a binary options journal highlighting diverse topics taking place in the world of binary trading, including assets trends identification. The trader also gets access to daily and weekly reviews as well as easy-to-read e-books.

Mobile Trading

This unique binary option trading platform offers mobile trading via Android and iOS dedicated trading apps. The trader can download the mobile trading apps from the iTunes or Google Play store free of charge. These apps can be used for direct trading using your tablet or smartphone devices.

The mobile trading app maintains the general theme by offering the trader a distraction free trading as well as a simple trading interface. In this aspect, when trading, you will find that the mobile interface is not any different from your desktop. The mobile trading app additionally offers you greater convenience as it allows trading and monitoring of your trades while on the go.

This binary trading platform allows trading across a broad range of global markets financial assets, making it possible for you to execute trades virtually any time of the day or night. By using the mobile app, it becomes possible to trade from wherever you are and at the most convenient time for you using a tablet or smartphone. While the mobile trading app may not offer you all the functionality that comes with the desktop version, it makes up for this deficiency by allowing you to execute trades on the go, easily managing your trading account and monitoring your trades.


The EzTrader binary trading platform is rated by reviews as one of the simplest of all available trading platforms as it focuses on providing distraction free trading. This is certainly not an EzTrader scam, but a platform that accords you the ability of trading from your mobile or desktop. What EzTrader lacks in terms of charting functionalities is easily made up by the quick, light weight trading interface.

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