Five Awesome Static Exercises

Also known as isometrics, static exercises are designed to perform less movement while contracting muscle fibers. Essentially, you are being still in a certain position that stretches a specific muscle or joint for a certain period of time. A regular part of many workouts or a whole workout of their own, static exercises have a number of benefits like increased muscular endurance and strength, while toning the body in the process. One of the major gains of static exercising is improved flexibility by building tendon and ligament strength, also improving your form. And the best part is you can do them at the comfort of your home with minimal or no equipment required. Here are five awesome static exercises for you to try.

The plank

The plank and all its variations are the most popular static exercise. It’s ideal for working out your body core and can be more difficult with some simple tweaks like raising an arm or a leg.

Raise yourself from a prone position on the floor, supporting your weight on your toes and your forearms. With arms bent and directly below the shoulders, keep your body straight at all times and hold this position as long as possible.3

Static lunge

A great exercise for shaping your behind, thighs and calves, static lunge also reduces stress to your knees and works the core as well. This is the exercise you do when you want to get in shape to buy clothes you see on flash sale, but are unsure if it will fit you right.

Take a step forward and descend so that you can hold the lunge position with your knees ideally forming two 90 degree angles. Hold this position then switch sides for equal amount of time.


This easy-looking exercise is nothing but easy. Your abdominals will get a proper stretch, together with lower back, shoulders and hamstrings.

Assume a prone position with arms extended. Lift simultaneously your head, arms, chest and legs, thus looking you’re flying (hence the name) and try to hold the position for as long as you can.

Static squat

Static squat will improve your strength and ease the pain you get during other fitness activities such as running, greatly increasing your flexibility.

Squat with both hands between your legs, touching the floor with your fingertips and your knees slightly bent under the 90 degree mark. Make sure your back is straight and hold this position as long as possible.

Chair posse

Chair posse is an exercise that will primarily strengthen your upper back. That way, you’ll get an improved posture by lifting your chest and your confidence in the process.

Stand with your feet together and extend your arms beside over your head, a little bit over the width of shoulders. From there, bend your knees and push your hips back to hold a position that resembles a half-squat. You should get an overall slightly bent Y shape and hold it as much as you can.


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