Football Betting Guide

Football betting is one of the largest sporting markets in the world. Week in, week out, vast amounts of money are staked on the outcomes of games. The World Cup presents gamblers with an unprecedented amount of games to bet on, with there being a huge potential to pocket some winnings the tournament – provided that you know what you are doing! This piece will briefly run through some tips on World Cup betting, including where the smart money is currently going. It is important to realize that you do not only have to bet on outright tournament winners. Group games are excellent to bet on, as are markets such as group winners and golden boot winners.

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Outright tournament winner

This is the market that will draw the most money and is the most popular because of its simplicity. Over 10 million dollars in bets on the World Cup are expected in South East Asia alone, with popular gaming providers such as M88 seeing the bulk of this. At present, there are some good odds on the top teams. Brazil are favorites at 3/1, which is a realistic bet, considering the form they are currently in. Argentina and Germany are both at 5/1, which again, is quite a good price. As is Spain at 6/1. Money placed on any of these four would be a reasonably sensible bet.Image result for Football Betting Guide

At the other end of the scale, you may fancy placing a small amount of money on an outsider with longer odds. Group D throws up an interesting mix with Uruguay, Italy and England all in contention – picking one of these to place a small wager on would serve you well. France are in a relatively lackluster group, however their form has varied in recent times – again, a small bet could see moderate gains.

Group winners

Group winners are easier to predict than the overall tournament winner. As such, the odds are shorter. However, an accumulator of group winners can produce some handsome odds at the end. Our tips to win their respective groups are: Brazil, Spain, Colombia, Italy, France, Argentina and Germany. Group C is the trickiest to predict (we have gone with Colombia), so if doing an accumulator, you may wish to pass over this group.

Golden Boot winners

This market is very interesting indeed. Obviously, Messi is the runaway favourite, but even then the odds are relatively long at 7/1. Suarez is second favourite at 12/1 and provided that Uruguay can advance far enough, is a particularly attractive bet. The same can be said for Christiano Ronaldo at 14/1, although if his form at the previous World Cup was much lower than what he produces within domestic football. Although, he has been firing on all cylinders this season for Real Madrid – definitely one to watch. Daniel Sturridge is a long-shot at 66/1, but is worth a small wager given his form in the Premier League, but again, is dependent on England being able to navigate out of their tricky group.

As you can see, there are lots of markets that will give great returns should you cash in on them. And don’t forgot, you can always bet on a game to game basis, which can be a great way to build up a bankroll for when it comes to the knock-out stages. Remember, never bet anything you can’t afford to lose. Good luck and have fun!


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