Guide to Motorcycle Tire Maintenance

Tip: you need to check the tire pressure every time you fill gas.

It is essential to take care of your motorcycle tires so that they can last longer. An under inflated tire will generate heat and this can lead to a blowout. If your motorcycle tire becomes too hot, then there are chances that it will wear out quickly. Maintaining proper tire pressure is essential for this you can purchase a pencil -type tire gauge to measure the pressure by yourself. Use it every time go on a ride, other than this, a visual inspection is also required. If the tread depth of your tire is 1 to 2 mm, then this is the right time to replace your motorcycle tires.

The maintenance of motorcycle tires dubai plays a significant role in the performance and safety of your bike. It is necessary to know the necessary maintenance, which is required for the proper functioning of the bike. This timely maintenance will also ensure the safe ride. Your motorcycle is running on tires and there are small patches of the tire on which you rely. It doesn’t matter which company tire you are using, it doesn’t matter how well constructed your tire is. Due to impact damage, improper inflation, overloading or from misuse, your tire may get damaged. Tire failure may result in serious injuries and to reduce the risk of tire failure, it is recommended to apply all the safety measures.

A periodic tire inspection will ensure that you remove embedded objects. Nobody wants to be in a situation of tire failure. During the regular inspection process bulges, bumps or a regular wear can be seen and handled in time.


Tire Inflation

Always maintain the air pressure in both tires as recommended by motorcycle manufacture. This is imperative on your part to get proper mileage as well as safety. Your motorcycle owner’s manual given by the manufacturer will tell you about the maintenance process. On some motorcycles the front and rear tire pressure is different, use as recommended by the manufacturer. Riding on tires dubai when the pressure is too low may be dangerous. This is the time when tires will generate excessive heat. This can cause tire failure, which will result in serious injuries.

On the other hand, driving on tires when the air pressure is too high can be dangerous. In this condition motorcycle tires are more likely to be cut or broken by the sudden impact due to various objects on the road.

On the other hand under inflation of the tire is also dangerous, it decreases tire life and the consumption of your motorbike.

Check the Tire Inflation

It is imperative on your part to check the air pressure once in a week. Purchase a reliable pressure gauge for accurate measurement. You are supposed to check your air pressure when the tires are cold. They are cold when you are not using your motorcycle for three hours at least or you have travelled less than a mile. This will help you take the proper measurement of air pressure.

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