Keep your children’s identity protected with the services provided by LifeLock

I was very happy that my son was going to a college and I was sad too. I was sad because the college in which he got admission was far away from our hometown. I knew that he would make friends and sure there will be other needs too. It would be very difficult to send money every time and at the time of emergencies what I can do. I did found a clear solution and got a credit card for him. It was the only decision that I was having at that time. Some of you may think that giving credit card is a bad choice but I do not want my son to wait for what he needs.

 With smart thinking, we also need to do smart things. The person from whom I got the credit card told me to use identity theft protection LifeLock for safe keeping my son’s identity. I was wondering that how will this help me out. That credit card person told me what will happen if the credit card details have been taken by someone else. They will misuse it and the owner of the credit card has to pay the entire bill. I was surprised that why this thing never came into my mind.


The place where my son was going will be having all different kinds of people. Anyone can perform this act of fraud. The card was in the name of my son. If something like that happened then he can even go behind bars or I have to sell some of my property. I took the $20 advanced identity theft protection for my son. As he was leaving I was much relief that he will be free from all the worries. This was the best step that I had taken to keep his identity safe.

After 6 months I got a call from my son that he is getting text messages about his credit card analysis. I told him that I had taken a service for keeping his identity safe. He did tell me that many time he had stopped some transactions which were about to happen. I did realize that choosing LifeLock were the best efforts. I told my son that he should not worry and only keep his concentration on studies. I had only heard that identity protection is good, and it is this good I never knew that. Thanks to the services which are offered at reasonable prices and providing greater advantages.

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