Living the High Life of a Fashion Designer

Fashion designers are notorious for having busy lifestyles and jam packed schedules. We have pretty high expectations when it comes to the day to day life of a fashionista. We expect their day I to be filled with high profile dinners, important business meetings, lots of fashion shows and paparazzi moments.

Tom Ford said it himself, during a piece with Harper’s Bazaar, “Most people think I lead a very different life. They see me in a retouched photo selling perfume, or in a magazine, and probably think that I am drinking and girls are lying around my house naked and we’re doing a lot of drugs”. However, on the contrary, we see that this is not the case as Ford shares more about his 24-hour schedule in another interview with Harper’s Bazaar in 2012.

Tom Ford’s brand is ever evolving. His brand doesn’t just stop at clothing. He also designs handbags, jewellery, sunglasses, make up, fragrances for both men and women and… well, the list goes on. He is also a father to his sonJack and husband of around 28 years to Richard Buckley. Where does he find the time to sleep?3

This question was answered when sharing his 24-hour schedule, ‘I never really sleep much’, often starting his day at 4:30am. Or if he is lucky enough to sleep through the night, though rare, he will get up at 7:00am. The first thing he does every morning is weigh himself, followed by making a large glass of iced espresso which he will drink whilst taking a bath. Tom admits that he ‘finds a bath meditative’ and usually prepares himself for the day in this manner.

Before his daily workout with his personal trainer at 8, he will answer his emails- at least 100 a day. We hope he puts on his Tom Ford Prescription Glasses for all that reading. After an intense workout at his home gym, Tom will sit down and have breakfast with his family. His breakfast usually consists of whole-grain muesli or bran cereal, half a banana and several slices of pineapple. If you want to try the breakfast of a fashionista, then give it a go!

He then takes another bath, using his own beauty products, of course! After preening his hair and touching up any skin blemishes he dons his daily ‘uniform’. His uniform, more stylish than most, includes a white shirt, dark tie, a gold collar pin, a black or dark-grey single breasted peaked-lapel suit matched with a pair of black cap-toed shoes. He wears a variation of this look every day when he is in the city. His other uniforms are exclusively for Santa Fe, Mustique and ski resorts.

Tom’s transport to work varies depending on his location. In London he very rarely walks and has his own driver as I he finds it difficult to understand the British traffic system. He refers to himself as ‘slightly dyslexic’ as he ‘cannot drive in the UK. After all, the traffic runs the opposite way to that in the United States’. In New York and L.A, he tends to walk whereas in Santa Fe he will drive himself.3

Tom Ford usually arrives at his office for 10:00 am. This is where his diet is tested as he is usually tempted to treat himself to one or two doughnuts on arrival. He tells us that as the president and CEO of the company he tends to spend a fair bit of his working days in design meetings for his range of lines.  He feels that going out for lunch interrupts the rhythm of his day, so he prefers to eat lunch in the office.

His working day will end between 6:00-8:00pm depending on whether he has a dinner meeting. As a self-confessed shy person, Tom Ford is not a big fan of big dinners or cocktail parties. He prefers a much more intimate affair with close friends and family at restaurant’s such as Scott’s, No. 35, J. Sheekey, Mark’s Club, Harry’s Bar, or Cut at 45 Park Lane. If he is meeting someone for drinks, his go-to bar is the Fumoir at Claridges.

If he is out for the night, Tom usually likes to be home and in bed by midnight. However, if he has spent the night at home with his family he will take his dogs for a walk around Grosvenor Square, take yet another bath and be in bed around 10:30pm.

So there you have it, a life in the day of fashionista Tom Ford. Do you fancy becoming one of this generations best fashion designers? Why not see if you can keep up with the early mornings and busy days and test out Tom Ford’s 24-hour schedule? Just get those Tom Ford Sunglasses at the ready in case you need to hide those tired eyes.


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