Making Patch Management Less Complex

There is no doubt that patch management is a complex process, but there are ways to make it less so. One of the most difficult parts of the process is determining when you need to go ahead and make installing a patch a priority, and when you can put it off for a little while. That is where automated tools that will help you to auto-update patches in Windows come into their own. They can help you to really streamline the entire process for your business.

Patch management can more or less be distilled into a series of steps starting with taking an inventory of your computer network including operating systems and software versions. It sounds like a tedious process, right?

Once you have your inventory in place, you will then be able to come up with a plan for standardizing every computer that is connected to your network. This will make sure that everyone on your team is able to access the same software and resources. When you are using all of the same software versions across the network you will not need to concern yourself too much with the possibility of compatibility issues. If you were to do so manually this could be a long, drawn out process, but using automated software can take care of that with ease! You will be able to deploy all of the updates simultaneously from a single remote location.

Of course, management is about so much more than just standardizing your computer network. It also plays a major role in security since the vast majority of software patches and updates are actually issued in order to address security holes and vulnerabilities in software. It is these patches that are the most time sensitive, since the longer you leave it before deploying them, the greater the risk that your network could be attacked.

Automated management tools are an absolute godsend in this situation since you will be able to schedule a network wide deployment of these critical security patches simultaneously from a central computer. It can also be scheduled outside of business hours so that the installation does not interfere with your day to day business activities.


Patch and vulnerability management is certainly not an easy task. It is pretty much a never ending cycle in today’s technological environment. For small businesses this can mean that the process eats into time and money that you would be better spending elsewhere, but it is not something that is avoidable. This alone can be a full time job for one IT specialist, and most small to medium businesses are not able to afford an employee for just that one task. However, when you add automated software into the mix things get so much easier! Suddenly everything is faster, less expensive and way more efficient than having to handle it all manually!

Setting yourself up with a smart solution sooner rather than later is going to help you to stay up to date and maybe even ahead of the curve when the next major security issue rears its head!

It pays to be on top of patches and automating the process is definitely the way forward! You will no longer have to make decisions about which ones need to be prioritised because you have the ability to take care of them all with ease.

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