Now you can apply for birth records online, in an easy and hassle free manner

Well a birth certificate is considered as life’s most important document. It contains all the crucial information, including personal, identifying data like mother’s name, father’s name, place of birth, hospital or nursing home where the person was born, birth weight, any identification marks. Given below are few common reasons because of which people apply to obtain a copy of their birth certificate:

  • To get admission in school
  • Passport application
  • To secure a photo ID card
  • To get social security number
  • Get Social Security benefits.
  • Genealogy work
  • Reuniting families
  • Require any specific information that is only mentioned on birth record
  • Incase adopted, but need information about original parents
  • Identification of minors
  • To apply for legal guardianship of any child
  • For purchasing insurance
  • Lost the original birth record
  • Marriage license
  • Academic and examination purposes2

These birth certificates contain critical piece of information that play very crucial role in some of the life’s most important events. Earlier in order to apply for California birth certificate one has to visit State department and provide them with different supporting documents, and after proper verification, then birth record use to be mailed to the concern person. This whole procedure use to take at least 2-3 weeks of time.

But today with the help of internet you can easily obtain your birth certificate in 1 or 2 days. There are several online portals that offer rapid, highly secure and inexpensive services that can help you get your birth certificates in few days. Birth certificates are usually issued by the state which makes them ideal for legal matters. Every state has a differently designed birth certificate. Be sure to specify exactly the type of birth certificate you need when ordering from one of the Internet services.

While applying for certificate online, make sure that you follow the rules and regulation laid down by the state department. It will be good that you thoroughly read all the rules to avoid any last minute confusion. Make sure that you keep the required documents handy while applying for birth certificate online.  


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