Opiate Epidemic

An opiate epidemic has hit the United States hard in the past year. Recently, scientists have found that the alkaloid compounded drug derived from the opium poppy plant is being more and more passed around and health because individuals are started to grow the plant within the country. The highly toxic plant contains ingredients such as morphine, codeine, and thebaine, all of which are known to have a addictive effect on humans. This high abuse potential drug is circulating far too quickly in the United States, causing a national opiate crisis.

The unfortunate truth is that opiates have many negative effects on the human body. Although during usage, the user mostly experiences what they perceive as benefits, the drug has many bad effects on the body. On the contrary, when individuals stop using the drug, symptoms of withdrawal arise which are arguably worse than when individuals are actually consuming the drug. Some of those symptoms include agitation, anxiety, dehydration, fatigue, sweating, insomnia, nausea, and even diarrhea and vomiting.Image result for Opiate Epidemic

The Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Illinois have banned together to try to fight this epidemic by providing extra care for their opiate addict patients. The problem with opiates is that they are often proscribed as pain killers. For addicts and individuals who have an addictive personality, trying opiates is dangerous. They have the ability to produce euphoria. So, although you have chronic pain, once you get your hands on opiates, it may be hard to stop taking them.

Dependance is not what the United States is known for. The United States is known for independence and perseverance. Unfortunately, the opiate crisis is redefining how the United States is perceived by external stakeholders. For this reason, Drug Rehabilitation Centers across the United States are asking the government to be stricter on the distribution of opiates to patients as well as implement heavier penalties on individuals and businesses growing the opium poppy plant without a license.

The opiate epidemic is just beginning. It is time to crack down on addiction and what’s to come of it. For more information about opiates and their cause and effect (for the individual and surrounding loved ones), click on the link above to download the Opiate Epidemic E-Book.

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