Protecting Your Family From Ticks

They’re small and unassuming, and they’re some of the most potentially dangerous creatures in the wild. Ticks carry a variety of health risks, and they can ultimately kill a person. They carry disease on occasion. The most notable disease is called Lyme Disease, for which there is no cure. The lasting effects of this disease are dangerous and often debilitating, and it’s why you should take proper precaution to keep ticks out of your lawn and away from your family. If you’re not sure how to go about tick control at home, these tips might help you keep your kids and pets safe when playing outdoors.

Keep Your Lawn Mowed

Ticks love a place they can hide, so minimize that problem. You can keep your lawn mowed regularly to prevent ticks from moving into your lawn and calling it home. They love tall grass, so keeping it short forces them to move onto a lawn with much higher grass.

Keep Leaves At Bay

Fall is beautiful, and everyone wants to play in a big pile of leaves. It’s not advised, though. Ticks love leaves since they’re often damp and dark, and ticks love that type of environment. Don’t give these little creatures time to get comfortable in your lawn. Keep the leaves cleaned up, and never leave them in a pile on the lawn when you’re down raking.

Use Wood Chips

Ticks aren’t comfortable with wood chips, so using them in the lawn is a great way to keep them at bay. They won’t cross any threshold were there are wood chips present, which is why many homeowners prefer to keep their flower beds and lawn lined with wood chips. They especially hate cedar wood chips, so that’s an even better consideration for homeowners.

Get Some Chickens

Not everyone can have chickens on their property if their deed restrictions and/or homeowner association state otherwise, but they do repel ticks. Chickens consider ticks a meal, so they’ll find them and eat them if they make their way onto your property. If you can have them, get a few to keep the kids safe.

Keep Your Lawn Dry

Your lawn should dry out quickly when it’s wet or raining, and that’s how you can prevent ticks. They love the damp spaces that the lawn provides, so keeping your yard cleared and clean can help keep them from being a problem.

Ticks are dangerous, and you don’t want them at home. Your job is to protect your pets and family since pets do bring them into the house. Be sure you educate yourself on keeping these creatures at bay, and do what you can to protect your family. You can’t be too safe.

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