The current system of binary trading

With binary trading, you are expected to foresee the movements of diverse assets such as currencies, stocks or indices. However, the prediction may be made only after a specific option is purchased.

The nature of binaries is quite simple and corresponds with their name. Thus, it is clear that there are only two directions, which the price for an asset may take within a specific time frame: an upward or a downward direction. Thus, the task of a trader is predicting the movement of a value. In order to sustain a purchase, a specific sum of money must be invested. Typically, the minimal investment equals $1 and the maximal one is predetermined by each broker individually. The investment sum, together with the profit percentage may be paid back to you if your prediction turns out to be correct at the moment of option expiration. In the opposite situation, there is a risk of you losing your funds. Although binary trading is often considered to be a type of lottery, it is not like that since the activity is aligned with the financial news sphere, which means that attention and good knowledge of the techniques help the traders in controlling the trading outcomes. In contrast to that, gambling can not provide you with assurance concerning the results. For instance, roulette turning is purely a matter of chance and there is no chance you may foresee it by using specific techniques.

Therefore, trading binaries is the optimal way of earning money in the online regime. The most optimal method is trading on the basis of such news events, which are listed below:

Long term trading

According to Apple company regulations, the new products are released in September and October yearly. On the basis of it, a trader may make a prediction concerning the pricing movement of an asset and the specific date of value change in order to make a winning trade. The announcements like that are typically sustained in several months beforehand since the Apple pricing may be predicted in this period due to the increase of assets’ release. Thus, the single identification of an upcoming event turns binary trading in a simple and profitable activity, provided all regulations are followed.

The world market embraces a variety of large businesses such as Microsoft, Sony, Google, etc. By making a research on these companies’ releases, you get notice of several events that come each 2-3 weeks. Accordingly, the ability to keep track of the releases may assist you along the process of trading.

If the mentioned strategy is applied by you, you have a chance of enhancing your profitability level to 75-85%. However, note that you need to get proper preparation before mastering this simple technique and using it in practice.

Short term trading

If you feel experienced enough, it means the time for short time trading has come. Just as we mentioned before, one may earn money on the basis of monitoring news events. However, such trading takes up to much time. In contrast to it, sustaining short term trades allows making income quickly and efficiently.

In short term marketing, news’ tracing is applicable as well. Indeed, keeping track of financial events is a helpful factor in any trading act, which is why the ability of deciphering pricing charts and their trading is critical here.

Trends represent typical patterns that define asset movements in the short term perspective. If a trader has a skill of foreseeing the development of a trend at the start, there is a strong winning likeability since patterns tend to have the same way of development.

Although reading trading appears to be more complicated, the technique assists in making profits daily. I recommend starting one’s trading activity with practicing long term strategy since it is safer and may bring some profits. After a newcomer masters the fundamentals of binaries, short term method of trading, which is considered to be the best binary option strategy, may be employed.

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