Tips On How To Become A Surrogate

When you decide to become a surrogate for another person you have made an incredible act of unselfishness that not only depicts an immeasurable amount of love but also a very noble act. Surrogacy is a difficult process and any person considering it should be well informed. If you want to become a surrogate for your friend or for someone else, here are some things you might need to know about becoming a surrogate.


Inquire about the type of surrogacy

There are many types of surrogacy and you need to know which one in order to prepare yourself both physically and psychologically. You should find out from your friend whether they’ll require you to provide your own egg, if they will provide both eggs and sperm or either will come from a third party. The latter means you will be a gestational surrogate with no blood relation to the child while the former means you will be carrying a child that is biologically yours. Either way, you need to brace yourself since this is a difficult process and one should be properly informed.

Prepare to undergo tests

Surrogacy involves quite a good number of both physical and psychological tests. Physical tests include pap smears, tests for infectious diseases, and hysteroscopy; the visualization of the uterus using a scope through the cervix to determine the size and shape of your uterus and if there are any blockages in your fallopian tube. Psychological testing is to assure all parties involved that you are mentally prepared to become a surrogate.

Get ready for the fertilization or implanting process

At this level you need to ensure that your body is at its best physical shape. If you are a gestational surrogate, you and the new parent might be injected with a drug known as Lupron. Lupron is used to help stop your body from producing hormones and will synchronize your cycle. In due time, the egg belonging to the donor will be fertilized and upon reaching the implantation stage, the embryos will be put into a catheter and injected into your womb. In the event that any of these fail, the process will be repeated until pregnancy is achieved.

Discuss possible outcome

When you are a gestational surrogate the chances of you becoming pregnant with more than one embryo are high. This considered, you should be in a position to discuss and decide with the intended parents in case of multiple embryos. Also, both parties should decide what should be done if the embryo develops problems.

Get legal representation

Regardless of your relationship with the intended parent, there is need for both parties to have legal representation to draw up in a surrogacy contract. The contract should address certain restrictions and other concerns including medical costs, payment, and other payments. This will be applicable should there be any complications or misunderstandings.

In conclusion, before you decide to become a surrogate you need to really consider the emotional and physical aspects of it. Understanding how to become a surrogate allows you to go through the process fully prepared.

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