Top 5 Free Apps To Monitor Your Fitness

Thanks to smartphones, it is much easier to keep track of your fitness goals. Here is a detailed look at the top five tools and apps that you can use if you are attempting to eat less, exercise more and keep track of your fitness goals.

Calorie Counter

For those people who have some problems with the types of foods they eat, along with their portion sizes, the Calorie Counter app is a great way to log everything you are eating. If you have a small scale in your kitchen, you can even weigh the items you are putting into your plate before you start cooking them. This gives you an accurate idea about how many calories you are consuming each day, which helps you stay within your goal limit.

Online Weight Loss Calculator

If you are concerned by your weight, you can use weight loss calculators online in order to see what you have to do in order to lose some of those pounds. You can put in your current weight in pounds or kilos, enter your goal weight and figure out the calorie deficit you are going to attempt. This will show you how many pounds you are going to lose per week, along with the end date when you will have reached your goal weight.2


This is a very interesting fitness app, because it allows you to create training programs, monitor your heart rate and analyze the changes, record pep talks from your friends when you are feeling tired or lethargic, and it also allows you to share your data so you can show other people how hard you have been working on a given day or week!

Google Fit

Google Fit is pretty simple and it works with any cell phone where you can activate the GPS, so that the phone can track the steps you are taking. If you go out on a jog, run or walk, Google Fit will track how many steps you have taken and it can give you a rough estimation of how many calories you have burned. You can also pair this with some of the different heart rate and activity monitors that are available online. If you have one of those devices, you can easily link it with your smartphone, which lets Google Fit give you much more accurate information about how much you are exercising and the amount of calories you are burning.


It may sound unusual to put a game among this list, but Ingress is one of the most interesting and fun ways to get more active and eventually lose weight. It is a game where you have to start walking around outside in order to open up certain levels and challenges. If you stand still, the game is not going to progress. You must keep walking certain distances if you want to unlock higher and more interesting levels in the game. So this is a great way to keep yourself in good shape while staying entertained too!

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