Top 5 Things to Know About Freight Factoring

If you are into transportation business, you will clearly understand the importance of working capital that is needed for running your business on everyday basis. Your company will need to incur daily expenses on fuel, toll booths, vehicle insurances, and vehicle maintenance. These expenses will be in addition to the monthly expenses like building rent, employee salaries, power bills, etc.

If you are waiting for a client to pay the invoices that is being delayed for more than 30 days now, these expenses can cause big issues to your company. Freight factoring would be a great choice for you in this case as you do not have to worry about the pending invoices from your clients. It can act as relaxer, but there are some points that need to be taken care of while choosing a freight bill factoring company.

Tips to Choose the Right Company

Understanding your business: Make sure that the freight company that you are about to hire, understands the issues your company is facing. If a factoring company doesn’t understand the issues of your organization they will not be able to fund you in the future according to your needs.

Frequently Contact option available: Make sure that the freight bill factoring company that you are about to hire has an option by which you can contact them frequently. There are some companies, who don’t have time to deal with their smaller clients as they have taken the projects of bigger companies and it may affect your business too, if you are having a small business.

Service: You should also know how long the company will take to release the cash after taking your invoices. A company should provide quick services to their customers as they already know that their clients are really in need of money.

Enough Funds available: Another point you should take care of is to look whether the funding company has proper funds to meet your expectations. It is possible that you have a big company, but the company that you have hired is not able to provide proper funds when you are in need. Thus, you will face problems in future for this specific issue. Make sure you choose the right one having enough funds for you.

Pick the best option: Funding companies can give you an amount varying from 60 percent of the invoice amount to 90 percent. So make sure you choose the right one from variety of funding companies so that you will have proper funds to invest in your further business strategies.

The best option you have for freight factoring is Charter Capitals. They provide the best services and have enough funds for almost every company. They have excellent team and they are in this field for a long time now.


Hiring Charter capitals will give you enough money to pay for fuels, insurances, tolls and many other things even if you are running short of money due to delayed invoices.


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