Wants and Needs Meet in Marseille: Popular Places for Shopping



What do you know about Marseille? How does it look like? The legendary city consists of the azure deep, romantic dates, city lights, light adventures and romanticism. Marseille shopping usually starts from the observing excursion over the ancient city of France – Marseille. This is the chance to mix business with pleasure.

Marseille Shopping Streets

La Canebiere

You excursion starts from meeting Old Harbor, meaning the main city street – La Canebiere. Actually, the street is overcrowded. It is really hard to walk down the street in a calm atmosphere, enjoying the unique architecture of ancient buildings, churches. It is heard to concentrate the street sights as far as it is crossed by many different city trade streets, attracting you deep into the city, aside from your touristic route. It is time to spend money.



The first shopping streets you meet are Rue Paradise and Rue St Ferreol. These fashion streets were specially created for all, who like spending time in the lux boutiques, shopping malls and mass-brand markets. Welcome to Galeries Lafayette – the world famous place in the world. The biggest shopping mall in the city is Monoprix – you meet H&M, Virgin, Diable Noir and many other popular brands.

Never miss Espace Mode Mediterranee, situated at 11, La Canebiere. The Mediterranean Fashion Center occupies a big ancient building Haussmann, attracting shopping lovers from all over the world.

Cours Belsunce

The third interesting place is Cours Belsunce, where you can meet Lafayette, Fnac, Habitat and huge Centre Bourse. The next street attracts tourists with democratic prices, outlets, and discount centers. This is all about Rue de Rome. Lots and lots of boutiques with democratic prices are waiting for you.



Cours Julien

The next shopping point is broad square Cours Julien, where cute restaurants and cafes can help you to have some rest. Try to taste national Provence dishes and seafood: tomatoes, grilled fish, and truffles in garlic souse. Having lunch, look around: Cours Julien square with the popular streets Rue Fontange and Place Notre Dame du Mont finish your shopping tour. Finally, try to visit such popular shops of design clothes like Fille de Lune, Mme Zaza of Marseille, Floh and others.

Avenue Saint-Antoine

This place you can find 15 minutes walking from the Old Harbor, straight to Avenue Saint-Antoine, 11. Pay attention to the modern shopping mall Marseille Grand Littoral – this is the right place for you. More than 200 boutiques of the world-popular brands, restaurants, cafes, cinema, entertaining centers huge parking – all is yours. Try to keep an eye on your money in order to save something for souvenirs.

The shops usually work from the morning till 7 p.m. They have a break for a couple of hours. Pay attention to holidays. The shops work according to their special instruction. So, try to come to Marseille for shopping and excursions on weekdays. Do not forget about tax free payments and season sales.

Marseille Markets

Old Harbor is the next place that is worth visiting. The best-visiting fish market Marche du Quai du Belges starts working at 7 o’clock. The sellers come to the Harbor early in the morning to wait for the morning catch. The prices are impressive: dorado, sucking fish and sea bass are sold for € 3, sea perch, calamari cost for € 2- 4. If you do not like cooking, you can visit one of numerous restaurants right here. The most popular is fish soup and traditional glass of Pastis or Marseille beer La cagole. It is the right time to catch the boat and go to see Chateau d’If to meet the ghosts.



The next point is Capucins Market, where Marseille citizens used to trade. The flower and textile markets are situated close to Cours Julien – city square. The huge flea market Les Puces de Marseille lies to the North from the city harbor. You can find everything here: interior items, Arabian goods, glass wear, and other interesting things.

Souvenirs from Marseille

So, let us pretend that you have already finished your vacation. Obviously, it is time to speak about your last trip, show pictures, present souvenirs. There is nothing better to speak about your trip than souvenirs. What are the best souvenirs from Marseille?

Santons became popular in the 18th century. The history of these figures is rich. The best place to buy santons is Rue Neuve Sainte Catherine, situated not far from the Rive Neuve (Old Harbor).

Olive oil is also popular souvenir. It is very useful to take oils home from Marseille. The city still keeps the secrets of producing oil. The secrets are passed from generation to generation to make this product unique. You can buy the high quality olive oil in De la Plaine and De Castellanne, or in specialized shops.



Delft ware can be the best and charming souvenir for your friends. You can buy cups, kettles, teapots, and other glass ware products. You can easily buy these products in the region of Le Panier.

Cookies of Navette de Marseille are made in form of boats. They smell greatly. You can find these nice cookies in different souvenir shops all over the city.

Le Boutis blankets, decorated in Provence style, are offered to buy on the textile markets around the Cours Julien city square.

The variety of drinks is impressive. Try to buy Pastis, sweet wine Rivesaltes, Banyuls, liquor Creme de cassis, and popular mint extract Ricqles that you can add into your tea or coffee.

Ceramic cricket is considered to be TOP popular souvenir. The cricket is variously represented in form of vase, plate or whistle. Thus, the mission of buying souvenirs is accomplished.



Your Marseille journey is going to be interesting. Do not spend your time only for shopping. As it was said before, you can combine shopping and touristic routs. Try to hire a car in Marseille to see the numerous bays of Mediterranean coast, try the tastiest Provence cuisine. All this makes your shopping bright and unforgettable for ages.

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