Why Not Book the Evasons for Your Next Event?

As an event planner, you aren’t willing to settle for the status-quo. Every decision is weighted heavily to ensure you’re getting the best quality service for the lowest price. You agonize over choices of venue, catering, and marketing to make sure your corporate event will succeed, so why would you drop the ball entirely when it comes to finding the entertainment for the special occasion? It’s time that you leave behind hackneyed comedians and lacklustre performers. Make sure your entire event is a well-rounded experience and contact a corporate talent agency to help you secure a top-rated performer.

Not all agencies can supply you with North America’s best entertainers. Companies like Corporate Entertainers can, and it’s because they’ve spent the last 44 years cultivating a large roster of performers who meet their high standards. Their agents have formed connections with exceptional comedians, impersonators, mentalist, and live bands, all of whom have proven their talents for entertaining diverse corporate crowds.

With access to a roster as large as Corporate Entertainers’, you’ll find a variety of acts, including the likes of the Evasons. Known around the world as a couple who defy logic, Jeff and Tessa Evason perform seemingly impossible feats of mentalism, telekinesis, and levitation at their shows. It isn’t just your average “magic” show, as you’ll see when you check out Corporateentertainers.ca/rosters/the-evasons/ and their videos. They make sure the audience knows there are no assistants or devices that tip off either performer, so when they’re able to predict private details about their audience, the full effects of their powers are felt.

Though it may be spooky for the Evasons’ to narrow in on an audience member’s full birthday or the serial numbers of the cash that they carry in their pocket, it certainly won’t be boring! Sceptics and believers alike will be mesmerized by the mentalist duos’ abilities to read the crowd. But they go beyond shocking feats of intuition. They’re also a hilarious duo that performs a show as charming as it is uncanny.

If you’re tired of booking the same old entertainment each time you plan a corporate event, think about contacting the agents at Corporate Entertainers for help. They can put you in touch with acts that, like the Evasons, have the power to transform your ho-hum event into a dazzling evening of suspense, wit, and wonder. Get in touch with an agent sooner, rather than later. Together you’ll be able to book a top rated entertainer for your special occasion.

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